The Bowdoin Science Experience (BSE) is committed to developing the talents of all students interested in science and mathematics—especially those students from groups underrepresented in the sciences—including students of color, women, and first-generation college students. First-year students who’ve expressed an interest in pursuing science or math at Bowdoin began a six-day program to get an early, inside look into Bowdoin’s math and science community.

This year, the Computer Science lab (August 21 and 22) had a module on Computer Security.

On the spotlight:

Ivy (Cyber Security Lab Research Assistant - Class of 2015) and Jepte
Violet Ranson
Megan Maher
   Phoebe Zhang

Megan Maher, Jepte Benitez-Vergara, Phoebe Zhang and Violet Ranson - Class of 2016

The computer security module, including the book received by the students (Introduction to Computer Security Goodrich and Tamassia), was sponsored by NSF Grant - CNS-1149730.

To conclude BSE the students did a project on a topic of their choice. They chose Computer Security!

Jepte Benitez-Vergara

Megan Maher

Phoebe Zhang

Violet Ransom